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Contact DÉMÉNAGEMENT GAÉTAN BOUCHER for all your residential or commercial removal needs in Montreal.

We are able to travel throughout the city of Westmount and Montreal, particularly in the LaSalle area.


The first step of the company goes back to 1987, as summer work, we
bought a small truck to make deliveries and small removals, the company
was then call the Tip.

In 1989, Déménagement Gaétan Boucher really took off and the growth was sustained until 2006. At that time, Déménagement Gaétan Boucher had a warehouse in the district called today Griffintown, had acquired the
transporter of masterpiece Artrop, specialized in high-end niche and had
developed expertise in moving.

In 2007, Déménagement Gaétan Boucher bought a competitor called
“Déménagement Haut de Gamme” to fill the downturn caused by 2008
crisis, during which several of his clients closed their doors.

Expertise in high-end removal that has gradually developed

Déménagement Résidentiel Montréal
Déménagement Résidentiel Montréal

Removal professionals at your service until today

Meuble Lacombe, the friend of famous collector and antique dealer, Emilien Gonzalez was among those there and it was a hard blow for the company. Not able to see his obligations, Déménagement Gaétan Boucher closed its warehouse and reduced its permanent staff. The company survived.

Although the company significantly decreased its activities, it remained
active while its founder Mr. Gaétan Boucher was developing another niche
that he was passionate about, real estate. Now a licensed real estate broker, owner of several apartment buildings, he keeps abreast of the trends and needs of the residential and commercial moving community.

30 years later, we are here and Déménagement Gaétan Boucher still
embodies the same values. Always aim at client satisfaction, never play with honesty, be rigorous in everything.

Our faithful and devoted employees keep the company’s passionate fire
going. We are a small company but we have a lot of experience. As in the
beginning, we have several tricks.

Contact us today! We also offer the sale and rental of boxes for removal.

Déménagement Gaétan Boucher now has a prominent place in
business at 4869, St Catherine Est

We serve :

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Small shops
  • Craftsmen

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